Monday, January 14, 2013

From TamsinP: 28mm Anglo-Saxons (131)

From Tamsin:

Well, those naughty Norsemen from my last entry clearly needed someone to take them on and send them running back to their longships. And who better than a Saxon Earl, his standard bearer and 20 of his bloodthirsty thegns?

The figures are 28mm plastics from Gripping Beast. It would have been nice if the sprues had come with Dane-axes, but they didn't. Never mind, at least they had enough spare axe hands for me to use - I ended up lopping off spear hands to give myself for thegns with axes.

I've gone for a slightly more uniform look in terms of clothing for these than I did with the Vikings, and didn't bother with adding on pouches, knives etc this time. Shield designs are once again hand-painted.

The last pic is a close up to show the detail on the rear of the shields.

Lovely work Tamsin. Overall, how did you find the Gripping Beast plastics to work with? I have a couple boxes awaiting my attention and I'm curious to what can expect.

These 22 Saxons will give Tamsin a base of 110 points, but, as her last entry, I'm adding extra points for the hand-painted shields, so 131 total.


  1. Nice work Tamsin! I've got some of these buggers prepped and under-coated!

  2. Great entry Tasmin, love the work on the shields great free hand tis the bane of my work
    Peace James

  3. Really, really sharp - especially the shields.

  4. Thanks folks!

    Curt - the GB plastics are pretty easy to work with, very little clean-up needed. The main problem I had was with positioning sword scabbards (I had the same issue with the Vikings) which means that they often end up almost horizontal. Oh, and some of the chain-mail detail is a bit soft, particularly around the left shoulder.

  5. These look good, glad to see your mojo has come back to the front again



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