Monday, January 14, 2013

From MichaelF: 15mm WWII American Infantry - 'The Big Red One' (48 points)

From Michael:
With the weapons platoon finished I'm almost done with 'The Big Red One" for the challenge. Next are the Mortars and some HMG to finish the project. All the wheels and tracks will come later after I played a couple of games with them and I'm still interested.There is also plenty available to borrow for a game. 

Also painted a spotter team for my off  board artillery. I have some 15mm Artillery in other armies but I always find it very odd to have them on the table so close to the fighting troops so I'll leave them out.

Last week I had holidays and I spent a lot of time painting. I did a bit of the math and I can now officially declare myself MiniSlow. I managed to do 50 figs and I realized it takes me about 35 minutes per 15mm fig from prep work to varnishing. Some of the guys here would easily paint up four armies in a week. I guess I need to skip some steps and paint a bit less detail if I ever want to increase my painting numbers. Or turn off the internet here, that will double the output as well...

Very nice work Michael. You are definitely showing off your fine brushwork and your camera's macro capability with those last few shots! Mad skillz my friend. I have to agree with your comment regarding your reticence of having artillery modeled on the board - it just seems very odd considering the deployment and ranges they typically operated at. 

This group will give Michael 48 points. 


  1. stunning work, I still maintain that you have to paint at a speed you are happy at, do not try to paint quicker than you can and I know from experience if you try to slow your painting down (when you are naturally quick) you get very frustrated.
    Peace James

  2. Beautiful painting Mike!, gotta agree with James above!

  3. I would not change the level of detail' these look great, and I think you would be unhappy with a lower quality figure, especially when put beside the others


  4. Very nice Michael! Not surprisingly I have Americans on my plans too!


  5. Great figures, terrain and very impressive photography. The last photo is very impressive.


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