Monday, January 14, 2013

From TimG: 54mm Tratvian Cavalry (180 points)

From Tim:
Recently emerged from the trackless Tratvian steppe is this Cossack Regiment.  These are 54mm Armies in Plastic figures painted in my usual 'toy soldier' style and topped off with two coats of floor varnish.  As the Tratvian Army will eventually include three such units, I was able to mix and match from several sets in order to have matching poses (of troopers and horses).  
This is the 2nd Regt, the 1st can be seen here.
The only light conversion work concerned the standard bearer whose sabre was replaced with a florist wire flag pole.
Very cool regiment Tim. They look like they could serve as the honour guard for Liberace!

Adjusted for basing these Tratvian horsemen will give Tim 180 points. Well done!


  1. The old school toy soldier style looks great. Lovely work Tim :)

  2. The alarming Tratvian buildup continues...the fate of diplomacy in the area looks bleak :)

    Nice work Tim!

  3. good stuff, loving the return of old School
    Peace James

  4. Looking forward to a group shot of all of them together



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