Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From JohnM: 28mm Dark Age Flemish Mercenaries (48 points)

From JohnM:

I am going to take a break for a day or two, I have done 480 pts, which is about a quarter of my goal, so I think I am on track. Here we have some SAGA swords for hire, these were primed white and painted in the usual fashion with an application of AP Dark Tone followed by some highlighting. I have wanted these for some time and they herald my SAGA secret project.
To add a bit of fun, I thought I would see Who's a Clever Boy, and can guess what my next SAGA warband will be? These mercenaries are part of this warband and there is a clue in the photos to suggest the answer. A Really Clever Boy will also able to answer Question #2. This one is a little tricky, and one needs to know one's history (I know none). What is the defining feature in these figures which unifies them and why?
I have to start painting Curt's Samurai soon, so I thought I would paint two further figures up and offer them as little prizes. I can hear the screams of derision now, about the quality of Jean de Terre Neuve's painting, and who would want his figures as a prize. But remember the one who answers these questions correctly will be forever immortalized on my blog as Who's a Clever Boy and A Really Clever Boy. According to Curt's contest rules, I have to wait 24 hours after the photos are posted on his blog, so no answers until the post hits my blog http://fuentesdeonoro.blogspot.com

ps. Sorry but Curt, Iannick and Nico are banned from answering the first question, but are free to try the second. Just think Curt, you might get two Samurai in the mail.

What great fun! Okay, let's see who can correctly guess John's two riddles. Remember to get over to John's blog in 24 hours to give your answer.

With all the thunder stolen, let's get these lads scored. These 8 sell-swords will give John a base of 40 points with another 8 added for the hand-painted shields, so 48 points total. I must say, 488 points is a very good opening gambit John! 


  1. great stuff, enjoy your few days rest and then hit those brushes hard :)
    Peace James

  2. Again these are rather nice and the shields crisp. Altogether lovely.


  3. Nice unit John.
    It's sad I am in the secrets of the gods, cause like Golum, I like playing riddles.
    Nevertheless, I'm kind of stuck with the second question, or is the answer to obvious to me, that I am blinded?



  4. Great looking mercenaries!

  5. Great work John! And a nice little touch with the 2 questions! I'll be over tomorrow with my answers!

    1. Happy to hear it Ray. It sounds like you are confident. I have to work at 6am EDT, and I will post then if I get a chance. But we will see.


  6. I am not really sure why Andrew, I do not think I left a clue on the SAGA forum or not.


  7. They are nice figures. I am not a clever boy, but the last two photos look Normanish to me. That's all I've got.

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