Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From ChrisP: 1:285 Modern Vehicles and Infantry & 1:2400 USS New Jersey (108 points)

From Chris: 
Here are the 6mm I promised. I was waiting to have them all done before sending them through, some have been done since the first couple of days of the competition! 
Anyway, it is more 6mm stuff from me, this time, some Russians and some US support stuff. Miniatures are from Heroics and Ros and Scotia. 
First up for the Russians we have 6 T-80 MBT (see above), then 3 T-62 and 3 ZSU-57mm AA, all done in two tone camo. The camo worked out really well, I am looking forward to acquiring more of them and having another go at it.
Then we have some of the cooler support weapons, first is 6 PT-76 amphibious tanks for the Naval Infantry, and 3 ASU-85's for the Airborne. Both were specialised pieces of kit- the PT-76 can swim well (how well depends on how much you believe the Russian designers), the ASU-85 was designed to be air transported and to give the airborne some AT support! 

As ever, an army needs transport. The Russians have it in the form of 9 plain green trucks.Not much to say about them except they are darn useful! Much better than walking.
Lastly for the Russians we have some missile support, in the form of 3 Frog-7 Ballistic Missile launchers. Used by the Iraqis against coalition (and civilian) targets, carrying a conventional, nuclear or chemical warhead these are some scarily big missiles with red noses! 

On to the Western forces.
First for them is 3 M60 MBT, along with 1 M113 ACAV. The ACAV is definitly from Scotia, and is pretty horrible. But.. it is one of those things which I couldn't resist painting! So I gave it a vietnam era colour scheme, and it will sit on my shelf as a reminder to buy GHQ. The M60s are in desert colours, and may well get used as Israelis.
Then, we have a collection of infantry support weapons. Front rank is 3 Browning M2 50cal machineguns, followed by 6 81mm mortars. These will form a support formation in the rules. Infantry are from GHQ.
Of course, the West needs a ride too, so we have just the 9 trucks for them as well. Desert yellow, with an orange air recognition panel on the bonnet. I am not super happy with how these turned out, but I am not so unhappy with them that I want to redo them.
Not to be out-rocketed by the WARPAC, NATO now can call on support from a Lance SSM battery. Not much to say about these, the models are a bit so-so, but they paint up ok.
Lastly, we have some serious firepower support in the form of the USS New Jersey, ready to unleash fire from it's three primary turrets, or it might just lob a cruise missile or two. This is a GHQ model, which I have had for a really long time. I found it in the move, and figured I should paint it!

Another great batch of microscale models Chris! These will give you 108 points.


  1. Really like the camo tanks, Russians can be a bit conservative sometimes. Hope they do well on the table for you


  2. Ballistic missles , cruise missile armed battleship! Excllent stuff!!

  3. A lot of hardware here! Very nice small models, sir.


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