Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From SebG: 15mm Thirty Years War Infantry (42 points)

From Seb:
I'm still painting my Thirty Years War French, and today I send you another French infantry regiment, Nettancourt. 
According to the sources, it can be ranked as a "newly raised". Sadly they didn't operate in Germany unlike the rest of my units, but rather in Northern Italy. But then, I liked the flag, so here it is.
 As usual it's a 20 minis strong unit, from Old Glory. And this time, no dead nor prone figure. They're all eager to fight ;)

As I said to Seb offline, if I can pick a bottle of wine based solely on its label then I don't see why he can't choose his regiments according to their flags. Again, great work Seb!

Regiment Nettancourt will give Seb 40 points with a couple for the banners.