Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From IanW: 25mm Cthulhu Investigators for 'Mansions of Madness' (22 points)

Ian sends us some more figures from the 'Mansions of Madness' boardgame.

From Ian:
Following on from the first four, here I have the last four, well five if you include pouch. 
The two women really did not inspire and the owner wanted them more or less as they were in the picture he sent, except the Nun could not be blond. I tried to use the candle as a point of light for the flesh but painted the rest of the figure as if the light source was all around as I did not think it would look right with all the other figures being painted as normal. I changed the belt to green and did a different hat on Miss Green. 

The hobo he wanted in denim and I added a little yellow to the shirt to make it look a bit grubby and I also shaded his chin for that 3 day growth look. His skin is also darker than the rest, after all he see's a lot of the sun. Joe Diamond was required to be a bit flash so he has a very very dark blue suit and whilst his coat is boring brown I shaded via five levels. 
So that's an end to the investigators, I will do the monsters if he want's but that will be post challenge.
Like the ones you did before I really think these are great, Ian. I quite like the job you did on the hobo 'Trashcan Pete' and his dog 'Duke'. Joe Diamond is a nice figures as well - love the bright red tie and trenchcoat!

These four will give Ian 20 points, but we can't forget about Duke so we'll make it 22.

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  1. Love the Joe Diamond figure, what a fantastic pose! Top stuff Ian.


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