Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From RayR: 15mm Scottish Highlanders (178 points)

From Ray:
A nice biggish entry for me today. Here we have the 6 Highland units that fought at The Battle of Killiecrankie. I did make a bit of a boo boo when I ordered the figures as I didn't order enough!

So some of the units are a little light on numbers. The units should really have 15 figures in each, but since some idiot didn't order enough figures, I had to compromise.

Unfortunately Essex don't make any standard bearers for the Scots so I had to get out my knife chop and cut out weapons and drill a few holes to fit some poles for the flags.

As per usual with me the figures are from Essex Miniatures and the flags are once again made by myself. 

Lovely work Ray. All of those claymores, targes and tartans really float my boat (except for those nasty, sheepshagging MacDonalds, of course).

These 82 figures will give Ray a base of 164 points but his excellent flags will add another 14, so 178.


  1. Great stuff Ray, you have to love a load of hairy Scotsman
    Peace James

  2. Didn't I say the other day that he was being a sneaky git and secretly painting up hundreds of figures which he'd dump on us in rapid succession? ;)

    Nice clansmen Ray! :)

  3. Nice Scots, I assume Fran put you off whilst you were ordering the figures?

    @ Curt, you say sheepshager as if it's a bad thing (I'm Derbyshire bred you know)


    1. As Stephen Stills sang, you gotta 'Love the One You're With'... ;)

    2. I don't like to bleat, but I have a crowd


  4. I see Ray's "Wacht Am Rein" approach to the challenge continues...

    Great entry Ray. Excellent work.

  5. Well you know I love me Jocks Ray, haha.
    But I thought 28mm was bad enough and you did these in 15mm.
    Much respect buddy.
    Excellnt job, love em.

  6. good work ray - excellent flags


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