Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From GregB: 28mm Mujahideen Rocket Launcher (25 points)

Greg sends us another addition to his modern Afghan Wars collection.

From Greg:
Here is a Mujahideen/Taliban team operating a Chinese towed rocket launcher.  This is the sort of heavy equipment is perfect for firing inaccurate heavy shells at Russians/NATO/DRA/Northern Alliance/Pakistan/Oil Company/UN/Hamid Karzai Kleptocracy facilities as needed.  It will be more of an objective for gaming purposes, since the range of the weapon would far exceed the distances represented on a gaming tabletop.  Often mounted on the back of Toyota pickup trucks (the infamous "technicals") in Afghanistan this stays on a portable trailer for ease of concealment in a local cave. 

This is a nice addition to my 28mm Mujahideen collection, which is already heavily armed with recoilless rifles, MGs and mortars, ready to fight the Soviet Union (and anyone else who happens into that horrific part of the world). 

These Eureka models are fun to work with - easy to paint, although the size of the hands on the crew is a little large.  You also get some nice scenic extras - ammo crates with extra shells for the rocket launcher.  This is a nice way to add flavour, and can serve as an "objective" type token for games that call for that.  

Overall, another great little piece from Eureka. 
Awesome job Greg! I really like the addition of the ammo crates and leaning AKs. I wonder if this is really that big of a leap from Michael's 19th century Screw Gun...

This artillery team will give Greg a base of 20 points, but I'm adding another 5 for the ammo crates. Well done!


  1. A great set and like Curt said the ammo crates look very cool!

  2. Looks like a scary piece of artillery.

  3. Really Nice, hope you have lots more to show us from this period



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