Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm Thirty Years War Firelock Commanded Shotte (75 points)

From Chris:
Here is a unit of 15 Thirty Years War riflemen. Using early forms of rifles these were used as skirmishers and light troops- they were well regarded for night attacks, because there was no glowing cord to give their position away!
These models are from Warlord Games and are their Firelocks. The boxed set was a little disappointing- you will notice aside from the two wonderful command figures, the rest of them are in the same pose! I switched up a few hats from other Warlord boxes to give a little variety, but on the whole, they are very ordered.
The paint scheme came straight from the Osprey on the TYW Infantry, nice and simple!
What next? 15mm I think...

Great work Chris, I'm really enjoying these TYW entries from you. Too bad the majority of the box is mono-pose as the command figures looks very dynamic. Would it have killed them to have one firing pose?

This unit will give Chris 75 points to add to his growing tally.


  1. good stuff Chris had this box myself very poor pose's
    Peace James

  2. Poor poses perhaps but a lot of energy in the forward movement on the command stand. Vy interesting and unusual entry.

  3. These do look good, as you say shame about the single pose, I bet the box art had more LOL



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