Monday, December 24, 2012

From RayR: 28mm 95th Rifles (120 points)

Finally our defending champion has entered the field with that irrepressible,  well-worn old chestnut: the 95th Rifles.

From Ray:
As you requested I've been slogging my guts out trying to get my first entry in. I didn't think I'd make my Xmas deadline but its done. My first entry into this years Challenge is a 28mm Napoleonic one. Not the usual 15's!  Here we have 24 Front Rank figures, representing two companies of the famous 95th Rifles. 
Special guest stars include: 
Rifleman Harris
A Sergeant, not Hakeswell!
Col. Forbes Champagne, what a great name!

Very nice work Ray. I'm not actually sure if I've ever seen 28s from your brush, so this is quite unique. (BTW, I don't think that's Sharpe as he's actually wearing his shako and I don't see him sporting a mullet...)

These 24 figures will give Ray a very tidy 120 points to enter onto the roster. Well done Mr. Rousell!


  1. I wondered how long before the beast was awakened from his slumber! Fantastic first entry Ray and in 28mm too!

  2. Here he goes...

    Nice work Ray, a fine example of the old favourite.

  3. Ray!!! 28's!!!!.. welcome to the party - nice job

  4. Nice one Ray. Good strong start! I look forward to more.

  5. 28's from Ray the Mayans were right the world has ended and we are in some alt universe now. Great work Ray now get back to the 15's :)
    Peace James

  6. Very nice Ray, got to love te fact you have upscaled. It kind of feels the challenge has started now you have set in yur first. Fran obviously did not do a great job of hiding your paints!!!


  7. Your minis are now grown-ups!! Well done Ray!!

  8. Thank you all for the kind comments my fellow Ronin!

  9. Excellent job Ray! It's nice to see you have come up to the one, true scale!


    Thanks for going easy on else fellow Ronin with your first entry - given your amazing painting speed I was a little worried you would weigh in not with 24 but 240 painted 28's

    Have a great holiday, everyone

  10. A fantastic first entry, Ray; they are very nice figures!!!

  11. Excellent first entry Ray, great looking figures. Starting to feel the pressure already.

    Have a great holiday everyone and a fantastic New Year!


  12. Nice start, it's only right that you should come of age and step up to the 28's good lad, they look great cheers


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