Monday, December 24, 2012

From MilesR: 28mm Japanese Infantry, Light Mortar & Mountain Gun (100 points)

Miles adds more Japanese forces to his collection with this collection of infantry, command and a mountain gun.

From Miles:
Just a few more Japanese to submit for the challenge:

1, 10 figure infantry squad
3, 2 figure light mortar teams
a 70mm Mountain gun plus 2 man crew

Great work Miles. These lads will give you 100 points - well done!


  1. Miles you old devil you best have a rest give the rest of us a chance.
    Peace James

  2. More Japanese goodness. How about a group shot of the lot, once your finished


  3. They just look really cool Miles! Really enjoying your Japanese.:-)


  4. I am painting too these models from "Brigade Games", so your entries interesting me a lot. Very nice your painting work (and you are really fast!!!).


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