Monday, December 24, 2012

From TimG: 54mm Tratvian Infantry (200 points)

Tim sends along a battalion of Tratvian infantry in 54mm. For those inquiring minds 'Tratvia' was a fictitious state featured in the late 60s radio comedy series called 'The Embassy Lark'. 

From Tim:
Tratvian Militia Battalion.  Armies in Plastic 54mm figures (20 of 'em) from various sets including the Landwehr and Russian Militia boxes.

The Empire of Tratvia (as every schoolboy knows) is a huge country which straddles Europe and Asia. Among the countries it borders in the west are Forbodia, Vulgaria and Svenhasselstein. While economically somewhat backward in our period (1910-ish), the country is rich in natural resources and has vast reserves of (as yet mostly unpainted) manpower.

Very, very cool! You'll need to do a command stand featuring a rotund King Hildebrand III. 

These lads will give Tim 200 points to add to his tally.


  1. Now there a statement of intent. Are they so backward they have no MG's? If so I want to fight them ;-)


  2. Great old school style, nice to see 54mm
    Peace James

  3. The Tratvian Army does indeed have MGs:
    The country did feature in the Embassy Lark, and before that in The Navy Lark - together with my other early 20th century country, Forbodia.


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