Monday, December 24, 2012

From TamsinP: Ronin #47 (20 points)

Tamsin begins her dash up the roster with submitting her Challenge Ronin.

From Tamsin:
This figure is a mid/late 1980s Citadel Miniatures Samurai in 25mm (although to be fair, by then Citadel were pushing towards 28mm). Rather than going for riotous colours, I opted for a more muted brown look. The painting took a day (during which I was also doing work on some other figures) and used a series of thinned down layers of paint to bring out the richness of the colours on the cloth. All parts of the figure got at least 3 levels of shading (some 4 or 5), before receiving a Klear/ink coat to seal the paint and shade the recesses. Folowing a matt varnish spray, the cloth and hair were given a brush-on coat of satin varnish; the sword blade and scabbards got a coat of gloss varnish.

Lovely work Tamsin, thanks so much! I really like seeing these 'Old Skool' Citadel castings. They bring back memories of a varied and vibrant Games Workshop, back before they became dominated by their established corporate branding (Warhamer, 40K, LOTR, etc.).  Ronin #47 will give Tamsin 20 points for her entry on the Challenge Points Roster. Well done!


  1. Nice job there good start to the comp

  2. Good job Tamsin. I love those old citadel Samurai

  3. Good stuff Tamsin,
    I love the old citadel figures
    Peace James

  4. very nice, lots of motion in that fellow.Looking forward to seeing some more of your work as I have missed it lately


  5. Nice work and like the movement on the figure.


  6. Looks great Tamsin. Awesome to see and old school model!

  7. An small treasure from other times. Very nice, Tamsin.

  8. A very nice figure Tamsin, what a great pose.

  9. Thanks guys - I truly enjoyed painting this guy up. The old skool Citadel figures are really nice, but must have been a b***er to cast with so much undercut detail.


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