Monday, December 24, 2012

From SylvainR: 1:2400 WWII German Naval & Ronin #45 (58 points)

Sylvain opens his gambit with a wonderful selection of microscale WWII German U-Boats,  Z-Boats and his Challenge Ronin (#45).

From Sylvain:
Here is my first entry:

10 U-boots & 9 Z-boots, all at 1:2400, from GHQ. I've provided a close-up of a type IX U-boot hanging on my finger.

There is also my entrance fee, a samurai archer.  I don't know the maker. There is this notice on the base: AEG - Murch. I got this one from a friend in Montréal a long time ago.
Next up: Kriegsmarine light cruisers.

Beautiful work, Sylvain, and on such tiny castings! Very impressive. I also really like the basing you've done. Can't wait to play a game with them.  :)

With the work on the basing I'm going to score these ships the same as a 6mm vehicle, so 2 points each. Along with the samurai archer (Thank you again, Sylvain!), this will give him 58 points as a basis for his climb up the points roster.


  1. WOW how good is the paint work and base work on those ships.
    Peace James

  2. I know GHQ do excellently cast armour but did not know about such quality cast ships, you have done them proud. The Ronin is really very good as well


  3. Really nice and the water looks great!


  4. Fantastic models, Sylvain. The"sea" is really wonderful!

  5. Love the ships great work


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