Monday, December 24, 2012

From JohnM: 28mm Napoleonic Brunswick Artillery (150 points)

John has unlimbered his guns and entered the fray with this entry of two batteries of Napoleonic Brunswick artillery ('The Black Brunswickers').

From John:

Here is my first submission, the Brunswick Artillery at the Battle of Waterloo. The Brunswick Corps had 2 Artillery batteries, one Foot Artillery unit under Major von Moll and one Horse Artillery unit under Captain von Heinemann. Both units were comprised of six 6 pd cannon, I use a ratio of 1 base for 2 actual cannon, so here we have 6 bases. My research indicates that the equipment were captured French or Westphalian cannon, so I have gone with an olive green colour for the woodwork. I am not sure how much action they saw that day, but I am sure that they will see action on the wargaming table.
I must say the submissions to the Challenge have been impressive so far in both quantity and quality, I almost feel like a British Infantryman at Badajoz, trying to surmount the breach!

Beautiful work John and your excellent terrain really flatters them as well. They are Perry models, correct?

This veritable artillery park of guns will give John 150 points to mark his entry into this year's Challenge. Well done, mon ami!


  1. I envy people who can turn out whole gun batteries in 28mm, as I HATE painting artillery myself. Great stuff John!

  2. Superb work John - I actually prefer artillery over horses when painting!

  3. I'm with Miles on this. Great opening salvo, looking forward to more later.


  4. way to start things, love both batteries.
    Peace James

  5. Truly beautiful work here John! Bravo!


  6. Lovely miniatures and a great backdrop for them. Dreading my Napoleonics personally, always takes me an age to paint them.

  7. Very nice models, and the terrain is fantastic too!!!

  8. Thank you Gentlemen, the models are indeed Perry 28 mm miniatures.

    Happy Xmas,


  9. Great stuff, the Brunswickers always look so dashing.


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