Sunday, December 23, 2012

From DaveD: 28mm Banditos (15 points)

From Dave:
Here we have 3 28mm Banditos to add to my Old West collection ready to head of the town of Serenity Flatts to cause trouble. They are by the Knuckleduster Miniatures range. The don't have detail and crisp castings of some other manufactures, and on first look i was abit disappointed but the undercoat really brought them to life. 
I think these lads have a great character in them - i just can't get the Mexican music out of my head...

The Old West collection started as a slight distraction last year and has been subject to "wargamers mission creep" it was supposed ot 10--20 figures tops. It's heading for 100 figures , 20 buildings , stagecoaches, a train etc with more to follow. I will have some plains indians along later. It has caught on down at the local games club - with 5 guys having signed up to a full campaigning season next year -- if anyone is interested in following the madness I have created a seperate blog page this Wild West world!

Great stuff Dave. I love this project and always enjoy reading about each new addition to your 'Serenity Flatts' collection (the steam train is particularly fine, I think).

These lads will give Dave 15 points, marking his official entry on the Challenge books. Excellent!


  1. yet another period that gets me thinking, so many figures so little time.
    Great start
    Peace James

  2. I have followed this off shoot since the start, the AAR's are great. As for the figures, typicaly excellent work. You make me itch to do this period as well.


  3. Arriba! Arriba! Fantastic, characterful work Dave.

  4. Oooh, lovely work (as ever) Dave. However I must point out that you missed something from your mission creep list - the Wild West terrain boards!

  5. Very nice Dave and I now hear the Mexican music myself!


  6. Very nice, Dave. They have a lot of character with your painting work!


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