Sunday, December 23, 2012

From AndrewS: 28mm Viking Norse Gael Warband (70 points)

Andrew sends us this beautiful warband of Vikings. (Hmm, can a warband of Vikings be beautiful? Sure, why not!)

From Andrew:
This is the first of my Norse Gael faction for Saga. 12 Hearthguards and a Warlord with his loyal war dog for a total of 14 pieces. These are Foundry 28mm figures and are perhaps my favourite range of Viking figures to paint. The clean up of this range is very easy with little flash and the detail is easy to paint up. I have used shield transfers for the first time and am happy with the result, and the amount of time I have saved. The basing scheme is my usual of static grass, tufts and flowers. The tufts are from a recently discovered source that I shall be reviewing on my blog.

Lovely work! In my opinion the Foundry Vikings are still some of the best out there for the period. The shield transfers turned out very nicely. I really love the dynamic use of colour and I always have a soft spot for the hounds... Maybe I should levy a viking from you as well. ;)

This warband will give Andrew 70 points. Again, well done!


  1. very colourful , and i like the brown edges bases

  2. Nice work, love the warlords beard!

  3. I wouldn't say beautiful in front of them ;)

    But they sure are colourful

  4. They look great and ready for plundering the Saxon shore!


  5. great looking unit look forward to more
    Peace James

  6. Wow the detail and skill put into these guy is top notch great work bright vivid colours very very nice


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