Sunday, December 23, 2012

From GregB: 28mm Colonial Wars - Tribesmen, Adventurer, Gun Team and 10th Hussars (105 points)

Greg is away on vacation visiting relatives, but we can see here from this impressive output that he's apparently packed his portable painting station and is pointedly avoiding Aunt Millie and the spiked eggnog.

From Greg:
These Madhists are from Perry Miniatures  - three Baggara horsemen, a mounted Imam and six Beja swordsmen. One horseman and two swordsmen predate the competition.

The "adventurer" comes from a pack of Victorian era civilians from Foundry. It looks like a Perry sculpt to me, but I'm not sure. There are five other civilians and they will make great objectives for another Sudan game. 

A 28mm Madhist gun "team", comprised of a Krupp gun crewed by three captured Egyptians and a Madhist overseer/volunteer coordinator.  This is another model from the Perry's outstanding 28mm Sudan collection. 

During their rebellion the Madhists acquired a number of captured Egyptian artillery pieces, along with a number of captured Egyptians.  The Ansar tried to make use of them, but they were extremely inaccurate when employed, and the pieces were not exactly well-maintained. I don't think the Madhists had much in the way of a functional artillery train either, and artillery preparation was not exactly something they concerned themselves with tactically. I'm not sure how motivated the Egyptian "volunteers" crewing the gun would be anyway...likely getting flogged no matter what results they managed to achieve with the artillery piece. 

This excellent little vignette from the Perry's will add a pleasant (and totally random) twist to our next 28mm Sudan game.  Who knows where the shells will land? The bonkers Air Strike table from Bolt Action (1 in 6 odds of hitting your own guys) should do the trick...
These are 28mm command models of the 10th Hussars from the Sudan. The models are from the Perrys. 

Although it is heretical, there was a challenge with these models in that a strap was clearly missing from the front body of the musician. It did not seem like a miscast - it just seems to be missing. I painted a strap in place - no big deal, but a definite rarity when it comes to Perry sculpts, which are typically awesome. 

This is an absolutely cracking group of figures. The speed at this quality is simply amazing - bravo Greg!

This group will give Greg a well-earned 105 points! 

Now, on to the next submission. I'm trying to catch up, but family, friends, imbibing and sleeping seem to be getting in the way... :)


  1. A great selection of figures and given your away an amazing output.


  2. Lovely batch of minis there, great output too.

  3. I must stop looking at any more Sudan figures they are just so nice I might suffer a case of shiny fever soon
    Peace James

  4. Thanks guys - have a great Christmas! I hope you can all squeeze some painting in between rounds of holiday cheer.

  5. Very nice! They look like a good match for Michael's screw gun ;-)

  6. Wow! Love the gun and especially the crew..


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