Thursday, March 13, 2014

From ClintB: 10mm Spanish Civil War Assault Guards, Mountain Guns & Bilbao Armoured Car (44 points)

From Clint:
I need to round out my 10mm Pendracken Spanish Civil War forces for a game later in the year at Posties Rejects. To that end I have painted 21 "Guardia de Asalto" these were a paramilitary force before the war started and split so some fought on each side.  They wore black uniforms with a peaked cap and were some of the most mobile troops in the war.

The Bilbao Armoured Car had a crew of 4 and could carry an additional 5 personnel. It was armed with a 7mm Hotchkiss machinegun and was issued to Guardia de Asalto. So while the majority of Asalto used lorries a few were driven to battle in these. 
Unrelated to the Guardia de Asalto I have also finished two 65mm Italian mountain guns. I have given them militia crew as the broken down travelling version has. This will of course mean that they can pack up and move out or arrive as the battle situation dictates. 

Wonderful work Clint. I've not seen the 10mm SCW range from Prendraken before so this is quite a treat. I must say all of these figures are great but I'm particularly taken by those pack teams - evocative of the period and very nicely done. 

This fine selection of SCW figures will give Clint 44 points.


  1. Well done! The basing on these is excellent. Hats off to you guys doing these smaller scales.

  2. Great work for such a small scale!

  3. Thanks Anne Sam and Curt. I do like Pendraken figures and They do quite a range of SCW items with luck I might get a couple more done today. (don't worry not a lot so if no room in the challenge due to time don't feel bad in any way).And then just the Final Stand and I will be done... best get on with that now!

  4. They do look great! I was considering buying some Pendraken SCW as I think it would work great for a World in Flames which seems to have a high figure count.


  5. Super, Smashing, Great work Clint

  6. Nice work. Especially considering the tiny scale.

  7. Top stuff Clint. I like the way you photographed them too.

  8. Thanks Everyone I appreciate the supportive comments.

  9. These are great, I also think the Pack team for the broken down gun is excellent



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