Wednesday, March 12, 2014

From SamuliS: 28mm WWII Finnish Infantry (88 points)

From Samuli:
These are the last additions to my Winter War Finnish infantry at least until the next wave of Kickstarter goodies(?) arrives. I'm pretty glad that they are all done now as I really started to get fed up with many of the sculpts. At least the tanks etc. are looking good in the photos so maybe there are some nice minis coming up too.
I had some issues with the snow material that I used previously as it started to sink quite a bit after a week or so leaving the bases looking a bit weird. This time I tried just using the snow flock on PVA glue with even worse results. Looks good immediately after applying, but now that they've dried completely most of the flock has turned grey. So now I have pretty much 43 bases to redo after I've found some recipe for snow that actually works.
Once again the sculpt quality varies way too much for my tastes. There were a few that I hadn't painted before like the NCO with the scarf that was actually quite nice. Then "Running Man" makes another appearance as does some LMG gunner who looks like his face was carved with a blunt axe.

I know some of these models come as a bit of a disappointment but the results you've achieved are excellent. Too bad about the deteriorating snow effect (it must be that Spring is just around the corner!) - I hope you find an effective replacement that doesn't cause too much of a headache.

These winter Finns will give Samuli 88 points. Well done!


  1. Don't bee too hard on yourself mate. I think these are your best yet and you've been working with some pretty ordinary sculpts to be sure.

  2. These look good here and the group shot is very nice. I can understand your frustration. If I had to re do 43 bases, I'd be terribly depressed.

  3. Thanks! The snow looks deceptive good here as I took the photos around 30minutes after I finished them and it took a few hours to dry completely and turn greyish. Must be the non-existant winter this year. I guess we had around 15cm of snow for 2 weeks tops. Now it's been +10 degrees celcius. Compared to last year when we still had half a meter of snow left in the middle of April and ice roads were still open back then.

  4. Snow, Ice, 10 degrees. So very different from here. Humid, hot and sometimes tropical downpour. Just goes to show that we live in different parts of the globe.
    Anyway great painting and yeah 'Axe face' looks all angular like a cubist picasso painting a little.

  5. These look pretty good to me. But we are all our harshest critics or at least we should be. I think you have done a very good job.

  6. You've done another good job with these Samuli :)

  7. Absolutely outstanding work again!

  8. Well I think you've done a grand job on them!!

  9. These do look good and I think the distance they are used at will solve most issues.

    Mine get dispatched today so early next week for a look at them



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