Wednesday, March 12, 2014

From Millsy: 28mm ECW Rupert's Regiment of Horse (101 points)

From Millsy:
This is my last ECW cavalry entry - Prince Rupert's Regiment of Horse. These go alongside the lifeguard of horse I've already painted this challenge, giving me a really solid core of top quality gallopers. Look out Cromwell, ye crop headed rebel, Rupert and his lads are on your case!
The models are a mix of Renegade and Bicorne Miniatures once again, both riders and mounts this time. I've used the same techniques as before, horses painted over a black undercoat and riders over a white. Everything is blocked in and then inked or brush dipped to add depth before highlighting.
The guidon is another home made effort, put together in Photoshop. I really enjoy doing these and it gives a good sense of finishing things off making them myself. It's also cheaper :-)
To finish off here's a couple of group shots of all three units of horse I've completed recently.

Right, that's enough chatter. I've got two rather complex vignette/diorama things on the go to finish off the challenge and I've got no time to waste!

Fabulous job Millsy! These cavaliers look more than ready to attend to some Parliamentarian 'issues' and I love the final shot of the brigaded Horse. Wonderful.

Rupert's Regiment of Horse will give Millsy 101 points, including a nod for the excellent banner. Well done! 


  1. Nice work Millsy - a splendid accompaniment to Rupe's Lifeguard

  2. Lovely work Millsy! Best wishes on your last two big dio's for the Challenge!!

  3. Stunning work! Splendid choice of colours.

  4. Nice.. Can't top a decent amount of horsemen.

  5. Hi,

    congratulations! great work !
    one of my prefered units in ECW

    Be seeing you;-)


  6. Lovely work, although I have a few quibbles with your choice of subject...
    ; )
    So, I suppose a few Oakey's Dragoons or Haselrig's Lobsters will be up next...? In the interest of fairness, you understand!

    1. Fair? You mean fair like committing regicide on trumped up charges fair? I think not mate... :-)

  7. Thanks for the comments folks. I've really enjoyed these. Can't wait to let em loose!

  8. Lovely job on these millsy.
    Very nice indeed

  9. That's a lovely looking regiment!


  10. Great looking horse mounted dudes Millsy.

  11. I have enjoyed your ECW project a lot



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