Thursday, March 13, 2014

From JohnM: 28mm Napoleonic French & British for 'Sharp Practice' (75 points)

From John:
Over the 6 months, I have been slowly assembling skirmish based figures for TFL Sharp Practice. In the last week I have done these fifteen 28 mm figures, all Perry Plastics. Aside from some Perry Napoleonic cavalry, I have now finished the plastic pile, including the dismounted French Dragoons that really had no other utility. They are certainly nice enough figures, but no way sturdy enough for game play.

I have yet to play a game of Sharp Practice, but at least now I am all set. I have put together two fair sized French and British forces as illustrated in the last two photos. The French force has two big men so far (still waiting to find a figure for Major Ducos), a 16 figure company of ligne, 16 figure company of dismounted dragoons, as well as a dozen voltiguers. For the British, I have 3 big men, Major Sharpe, Sgt Harper and of course Lt Harry Price. They are accompanied by 16 men of one of the centre companies of the South Essex, as well 8 men of the 3/95th Rifles, 8 men of the 5/60th Rifles (they are missing from the photo) as well 6 chosen men from the 1/95th.
I also could easily put together a Germanic force with Brunswickers, Hanoverians and Prussians skirmishers I have painted. All these single based figures are also used to mark the skirmish factor of my Lasalle infantry battalions on specially designed 2 and 3 slot sabots, an idea stolen from Curt.
These look wonderful John. We've played 'Sharp Practice' quite a bit and have had a lot of fun with it. As a suggestion, I'd recommend the TFL supplement 'The Complete Fondler' as it has loads of excellent scenarios and is really very good value. 

These fifteen French will give John 75 points. Great job!


  1. Nice troops - both the French and earlier painted British. I used to play Sharp Practice, but then switch to Black Powder after the inevitable acquisition of more troops. That said, I think Muskets and Tomahawks could be used for Napoleonic skirmish too. Best, Dean

    1. I agree, with a few tweaks M&T can serve as a great Napoleonic skirmish system.

  2. Really nice stuff John. The dismounted dragoons are particularly good.

  3. Great painting. I am a big fan of sabot basing for using figures in skirmish then big units.

  4. Oooh, very nice! I really must get some Napoleonic skirmish rules one day...

  5. Beautiful minis, they'll have fun with SP. I'm glad Curt mentioned the supplement.


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