Thursday, March 13, 2014

From TimB: 28mm Wood Elf War Dancers (60 points)

From Tim:
Here are a few old Wood Elf War Dancers from back when... well... back when I played Warhammer... (c1989). A couple may be ones I had back then that I stripped the original paint off a few years back, the rest I picked up off ebay a while ago... 
The whole warband. The plan is to use them as a Warband in Song of Blades and Heroes. Given the cost of regular Elves, this would be a pretty big warband! 
I like the wounded guy - he may not be a regular member of the warband, but instead be used in a campaign when I'm fielding a member that's been injured (and has reduced abilities) 
I was kind of torn as to whether I should go with muted tones - greens, greys and browns - like my other Wood Elves - or go with something a little more "flashier"? In the end I tried to hit somewhere in between - a bit of colour, but not TOO flashy... 

One of the guys looked just like a highlander in a great kilt with a claymore... so I couldn't resist doing a bit of tartan... 

Now I wish I'd done a bit more tartan on some of the others.  
Of course there wasn't a LOT of fabric on most to DO a tartan, so I went with stripes on a few - to give them a bit of patterning.  
The shields are crazy small, too, and dominated by the edging, so it was a bit difficult to come up with something to paint in those wee areas other than simple geometric shapes. 
I'm not so keen on these dudes with the big hair.... 
what is up with THAT!? I guess it was the 80s....

Yes, but back in the 80s these 'Flock of Seagulls' dudes got all the chicks...  

Great nostalgia trip Tim! I've never tried 'A Song of Blades and Heroes', what level a game is it aimed at? Tactical? Army level? I'm on the lookout for something different to use my fantasy stuff with.

These dozen elven war dancers will give Tim 60 points. Nice job Mr. B!


  1. Flock of Seagulls was the first thing popped into my mind as well.

    I like that you chose to deviate from a standard wood elf palette. It makes them much more interesting as a group. Well done!

    1. LOL. I was thinking 80's glam rock myself :-)

  2. Good job on them! Oldhammer always works well!

  3. Agreed Oldhammer so much better than present stuff. Good work mate.

  4. Nice wood elves Tim.

    @ Curt - Song of Blades and Heroes is a skirmish level game - a handful of figure on each side.

  5. Thanks Everyone!

    Curt - As Tamsin says, it's a very low-level fantasy skirmish game with 4-14 figures per side. It's a bit like Mordheim - but faster... It's a bit abstract in what might be described as a "DBA kind of way" in that figures are defined by a quality rating and a combat rating and sometimes a few "special rules". One thing I really like about it is there is movement in close combat - while in a lot of skirmish games movement ENDS as soon as figures come into contact with each other - they just stand still hammering on each other until someone gets the better of the other. In a combat one or the other either falls down, recoils, or dies (unless the roll is exactly a tie - then they do just remain locked in combat....).

    The basic game engine has seen a number of reiterations in A Fistful or Kung Fu (Hong Kong Action Movie Skirmish game), Of Gods and Mortals (Gods and Heroes from Mythology duke it out), Flying Lead (modern firearm combat), A Song of Drums and Shakos (Napoleonic Skirmish game), Fear and Faith (Horror), etc, etc...

  6. Flock of seagulls those were the days :) Nice work Tim

  7. Nice work! I love all this Oldhammer stuff.

  8. Wonderful looking figs Tim. You have some amazing stuff in your lead pile!

  9. Nice work Tim, love the blue hair!

  10. Excellent work and I like the Tartan fella with the big sword the most I think.
    By an amazing coincidence I got a copy of the Song of Blades rules last week. With the same idea of repurposing old fantasy figures I have in the depths.

  11. You have done a good job on these


  12. Ah I loved the old wardancers; they have so much character without being over the top like the new ones. Awesome work


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