Thursday, March 13, 2014

From SeanS: 28mm 100 Years War Lord De La Warre and his Retinue (100 points)

From Sean:
I present to you Lord De La Warre of Treyine and his men. To create some interest in my red and white theme I broke it up into solid red, half red and white and quartered red and white. I figured that this would represent each of the knights and their retinues. As with the previous entry these are a mixture of Zvezda English Infantry of the 100 Years War, Miniart German Knights, Airfix Robin Hood and Strelets Military Order Warriors. They are all 1/72 (20mm) scale plastics. 
All the same painting techniques, but this time only Vallejo matte varnish at the end. I feel like it dulled the metal a tad too much and it almost looks like NMM. Still flailing around, but why change how I work now. I'm just glad to get another batch done. It only took me the whole competition to do it.

There is nothing particularly special about the two footmen, I just hid them on the work bench and found them after I'd photographed the main group.

I really enjoy these 100 Years War themed entries of yours Sean. Again, I quite like the gritty feel to your paintwork on these fellows. They look like veterans that have spent some time on campaign.

Lord De La Warre and this retinue will give Sean 100 points. Great work!


  1. You did a really good job on this. Completely worth the time it took to do them.

  2. I really like those . Well done. Love the castle picture too.

  3. Bodium castle in the Background? Excellent troops and will no doubt bolster your existing forces greatly.

    1. It is Bodiam Castle.

      Nice work on these troops Sean

    2. Opps I can't Spell. Thanks Tams.

    3. I was gonna say, that's Bodium Castle!!! Nice work Sean, I like the figure kneeling, you don't usually get that kind of pose in 15 or 25mm.

  4. Thanks everyone, I think I've doubled my forces now. I didn't know the name of the castle, just thought it looked nice. It only recently occurred to me to do an image search for Castle Aaargh! Maybe next time.

  5. They look like they have been fighting.
    Great job.

  6. They look great - a nice mix of troops. Dean

  7. It may have took all Challenge but you have done some great work on this project



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