Thursday, March 13, 2014

From AndrewS: 20mm Nubian Warriors (200 points)

From Andrew: 
Well its celebration time with this entry as a major target for this years challenge has been reached.
These last three Nubian warbands another 48 x 20mm figures conclude the Army build. These have been a grind to finish, although not a difficult paint job, I have after all had plenty of practise by now. I really struggled to get these off the workbench, I definitely hit the challenge brick wall in trying to complete them.
I have continued with the same unit distinctions yellow this time and basing as previous entries as well as the usual spear conversions and stippled shields. This was a huge project overall I have painted in excess of 300 figures for it. I am very happy with the finished result though. This means I can move onto another biblical army, but that can wait till the challenge has concluded.
I was really pleased the weather was at least dry today as it enabled me to get the desert table outside an take some snaps of the entire force for everyone to see, I was amazed at just how big this is when laid out and when its opponents are completed will give myself and Kevin a huge game.

Wowza. That last image conveys a very impressive achievement. And the thing is, this force is in addition to the other stuff Andrew managed to complete during these past three months. Amazing.

These last three Nubian warbands will give Andrew 200 points. Enjoy the army Loki, it's a real beauty.


  1. You're a maniac Sir! These Nubians look excellent again.

  2. The quality has not dropped throughout the challenge and you are at present 1000 points clear at the top as it stands. Phenomenal

  3. Congrats on finishing the Nubians mate - that's one heck of a project

  4. Great looking army Andrew and an impressive achievement!


  5. Brilliant, glad you was able to show them all together.


  6. Simply mind bending. Top work mate from start to finish. Well done indeed!

  7. Excellent work as usual. To complete an army inside the challenge is your very own bonus challenge. Well done to you.
    Looking at these has me rethinking what scale I game usually.


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