Friday, February 14, 2014

From BrendonW: 28mm Early Imperial Romans (56 points)

From Brendon:
Another bunch of toys I got completed.
These are 28mm plastic Imperial Roman Veterans from Warlord Games. I have been slowly building an Early Imperial Roman army (at glacial speed) but I was inspired to build and paint some more recently. This was after reading the most recent 'Macro and Cato' novel 'The Blood Crows'. An excellent Christmas present from the family. Still plenty more of these in my Plastic Mountain but these are the first of the Veterans box for me. The bodies are the same as Romans in the regular Legionaries sets but you get different heads, armoured arms (with different positions) and shields that have seen some action and need repairs or thrown away.
I used the Army Painter method. Paint them base colours then splash on some army painter strong tone dip. I painted the dip on rather than dipping them as it gives me more control. No flock on the bases yet as I haven't flocked any of the previous Romans so far either. Saving that until I have them all painted. As my previous Roman unit standard bearers they are positioned so that if you do not wedge them on the base the standard is not as up-right as you imagine how they should look in a traditional war games army. 

I had this bunch in a very, very close to completed way before a short stay in hospital and being well enough to get them over the line and sent to Curt is excellent. Good health everyone.

Great work Brendon. I quite like the grizzled look of these fellows. I also find it interesting that you mention applying Army Painter stain with a brush instead of using the dip approach. I've used the same method and have found I get better control of the shading effect, keeping it away from parts of the figure I want to keep relatively bright or unstained. 

These eleven Legionnaires will give Brendon 56 points to add to his growing total. Well done.


  1. These Romans look great Brendon :)

  2. Great work Brendon - glad to hear you're on the mend.

    My Imperial Roman army is made up of mostly the Warlord plastics and I really like them - I find them easy to both assemble and paint

  3. Great looking Roman's I really like the idea of the mixed heads and armoured arms for that campaign look


  4. Very nice Veteran EIR; even though he says the bases aren't completed yet, they already look great. Best, Dean


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