Friday, February 14, 2014

From Lord Hill: 28mm Napoleonic British Infantry (480 points)

Another points bomb from the UK...

From Lord Hill:
I thought it might be a bit boring sending in company after company of nearly identical British infantry from my project of Halkett's squares so here are four at once rather than four separate submissions!  96 figures in total. These are the remnants of Companies 3-7 of the 33rd Foot after Quatre Bras (hence the number of bandaged heads!).  As always the figs are nearly all Victrix with a few Perry extras.

With them are some Sweeps from the 1st Battalion 95th Foot. These 6 companies were split between skirmishing around the sandpit and standing further back in line along the hedgerow with the rest of Kempt's brigade. 
Hence this grubby lot - half a company maybe - standing in a firing line. The second rank will have to be done later but I just needed a break from all those redcoats! The Rifles are a mix of Perry metals and plastic conversions, and Front Rank and Foundry.

Wow, what a huge stonking entry! Much like Dave's submissions the sheer mass of these units are incredibly impressive, well done Lord Hill! The only caveat is that it is difficult to focus in on one figure or even set of figures. That being said I do appreciate the slight variations in poses and the odd bandaged head does reinforce that these lads have recently seen action.

These four companies of the 33rd will give Lord Hill a very impressive 480 points! This will move him from his original 23rd position to 8th and within sight of his Challenge target. Wow. An amazing amount of work!


  1. Nicely done! I'm still working on my own from victrix and Perry; this is good inspiration! Sorely pressed, but undaunted! ;)

  2. Very nice me'Lud Great looking figures!!!

  3. Beautiful work LordH - quite an effort to get all these done :)

  4. Oh yes.. Oh yes.. Now that's a superb piece of work.

  5. Wow... that's a lot! I'd get totally bored when painting such masses of rank and file troops.

  6. These are so impressive, would love to see the finished collection



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