Friday, February 14, 2014

From SteveM: 15mm Vietnam War U.S. M113s APCs (93 points)

From Steve:

mfg: Flashpoint Miniatures
scale: 1/100  (15mm)
There are two platoons of 4 m113 vehicles each.
M113 Beast
M113 106 with mortar and figs to support it.
A lot of custom work went into these to try to match photos from books and web resources. Riders were added from Flashpoint Miniatures line.

Stowage was added and some made from scratch to add some details that one normally doesn't see at this scale.

I used MIG Pigments for the Vietnam earth ground colours. The mud was applied using a plaster, pigments, and brown paint mixture and then airbrushed/brushed on.

Some head swaps were done to mix it up a bit. 
A couple types of washes were used; my own mix of oil paint washes of various colors and CGR Painters Magik Mudd Wash black.
The chainlink fence was made from tulle.
The straps are a mixture of greenstuff and thin cut masking tape
The barb ware is Galeforce Nine product.
The aerials are Beadalon bead stringing wire, black.
The corrugated sheets are styrene.
The decals are from Battlefront Miniatures 
It has been a pleasure painting these up for Scale Creep Miniatures.

Hopefully I have done these justice for all that have actually used them in service.
Next up on the plate is either some more Vietnam, WWII, or sst mechs.

Really beautiful work Steve! The extra work on the stowage, crew and weathering really have paid their dividends. I like that that the actual mortars from the carriers can be deployed separate of the vehicles and that you have dismounted crew to serve them.

These two platoons of M113s will give Steve 93 points. Great job!


  1. Fantastic painting work; really ncie!

  2. Really, really nice. For a limited colour palette you've added load of interest. Well done indeed.

  3. Rollin' Hot Steve - excellent stuff! Love the red dust effects.
    I've got my eye on doing an Armoured Cav unit for FoW Vietnam too

  4. You have gone the extra mile on this and my congratulations to you on a splendid job.

  5. For me one of the best things I have seen in the painting challenge this year. Characterful and ready to rumble on the table top, as a wargamer this is just the sort of thing I love.

  6. Impressive work and the extra effort has paid off



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