Friday, February 14, 2014

From Millsy: 40K Space Marine Assault Squad (25 points)

Millsy fell off the ECW wagon and is back to his 40K addiction.

From Millsy:
I *know* I said I was painting more 17thC cavalry but I lied. Actually, I am still painting them but these jokers were in the way and I wanted the painting blocks they were attached to so they got done.
This is another addition to my 40K space marines, in this case a squad of five metal body assault marines. The sergeant had a power fist but I cut that off with my shiny new Dremel and gave him a power sword instead. 
The idea is that I by removing the power fist he can be busted down to private as required. That way I can field these as a squad of five or merge them with my other squad of five for a super-sized ten man assault machine.

Now back to the cavalry. Honest.

Yeah, right. Next up will be Prince Rupert exhorting his men with a power fist and his cybernetic servitor poodle whirring and chirping at his heels... (shiver)

Seriously, great job with these guys Millsy. I particularly like the bone coloured right shoulder pads on the rearmost models. Very nice effect.

These Space Marines will provide Millsy with 25 points. Now that you have that out of our system can we get back to your English Civil War cavalry?  ;-)


  1. Nice painting Millsy.

    Curt - funnily enough, I've just prepped a Rupes figure (with Boye). Now I'm thinking of modding them for C17th Sci Fi thanks to you!

  2. Nice job... Now get on with your EcW!

  3. Lovely, you have a great eye for colours


  4. Well, you know what Cromwell said about Space Marines; "I had rather have a plain, camo-jacketed Imperial Guard Captain, that knows what he fights for, and loves what he knows, than that you call a Space Marine and is nothing else."

    That said, these are excellent, well up to your usual standard!

    1. And you know what Rupert said about the Imperial Guard don't you?
      "What a load of tight-@rsed w@nkers!"

  5. Thanks for the positive comments people. All requests / instructions / orders to get back to painting ECW have been duly noted!

  6. Well done Millsy. And remember, only small minds actually stick to painting what they proclaim they will paint...the stuff you never mention to anyone gets painted much faster!


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