Friday, February 14, 2014

From RayR: 28mm F&IW French Infantry - Royal Rousillon Regiment (45 points)

From Ray:
My 8th entry into Curt's Challenge are the 12 figures I volunteered to paint up for Bloggers For Charity.

They're from AW Minis. They represent the French Line regt Royal Rousillon. Lots of the other painters had trouble with the figures, there was a lot of flash on them, but apart from that I thought they were fine?

These are nice figures for a good cause Ray. Well done. 

These French infantry of Rousillon will give M. Rousell 45 well-earned points. 


  1. I rather like these fellows, I may have to try a blister or three and see how they match up to conquest and warlord. My only complaint would be the deja-vous common of metal figs!
    Nicely done, Ray! Coincidence in regt name!? ;) smart looking unit!

  2. I think I was deliberately given the regt to paint???

  3. Good work Ray. You do this period so well.

  4. Very nice painting Ray. FYI the cap badge of the Royal Sussex Regt is the Roussillon plume - adopted in the 1880s to commemorate to defeat of the French Regt by the 35th Foot at the Battle of Quebec. Regimental tradition has it that the 35th held its fire until the French were within yards - thier devastating volley routed the French with the 35th picking up the French plumes as they ran from the field.

    Pip pip

  5. You have done the white really well


  6. Lovely colours mate. Vive le Roi!


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