Thursday, February 13, 2014

From PeterD: 28mm War of 1812 British Infantry - 8th King's Regiment (122 points)

From Peter:
This is the 8th (King's Regiment) from the War of 1812. I have plugging away on this unit for a while now and finally finished them last night. I was slowed down by February blahs and grumpiness, a broken figure (thanks Victrix for the weak joint) and another kitchen injury involving chopping vegetables. This time it was a sweet potato and I sliced a bit of the tip of my left ring finger. Next time, I'll listen when my wife says that the knives need sharpening.

Anyway not a lot to say about this unit (24 strong). The figures are all Victrix, except for one of the standard bearers. The flags were downloaded from Warflag (a great free resource).
I've developed a real preference for the Perry plastics after working with Victrix. The Victrix poses offer ore variety at a cost of far more fiddliness. Plus I find the Perry poses more natural and easier to paint.
I believe that this takes me over me Challenge target (yeah me)!

Ah, this is great as I know you've been working on these fellows for a while - must be great to have them completed. They look wonderful! I quite like the cords and finials on the standards, they give a very nice finishing touch to the colour party. I agree with you about Victrix vs Perry: the flexibility of accoutrements and pose with Victrix is a boon, but they are definitely more fiddly to assemble than the Perry offerings (and somewhat more fragile in my experience as well).

This battalion of the 8th will give Peter 122 points, which includes a couple extra for the smart set of colours. This will indeed put him over his 500 point Challenge target. Well done Peter! Now go re-attach your finger and remember: don't run with scissors. 


  1. Thanks,
    Curt I've got the household Igor (if you know your Pratchett) working on the digit. On the plus side, i haven't managed to cut myself with the Xacto or glue my fingers to anything recently.

  2. Nice one Peter. The flags look great.

  3. Very nice, and well done on reaching your target.

  4. Great looking troops! I also prefer the Perry over the Victrix.

  5. Great looking Red Coats - all the more impressive they were completed under duress!

  6. Great looking figures and well done on reaching the target.

  7. These look really good, hope the finger recovers



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