Thursday, February 13, 2014

From JuanM: 28mm Battle of Otterburn - John Dunbar, Earl of Moray (21 points)

From Juan:
I have managed to paint a few more models. These ones are also from Claymore Casting, a Scottish command group with John Dunbar, Earl of Moray. The banner is specially designed for Claymore from 'Flags of War'.

This year´s Challenge is fantastic, what a great level of painting and of fast-painting as well! Great job everyone.

Beautiful work Juan. You've done a wonderful job on the armour, the banner is magnificent and the heraldry on Dunbar's surcoat is particularly fine. 

The Earl of Moray and his retinue will give Juan 21 points. Very nice Juan. You've certainly added to the excellent level of painting that we've been enjoying these past few months.


  1. Great painting - they look lovely.

  2. CC are wonderful minis and you've done them proud sir.

  3. Seeing these has confirmed that next year I will be better of painting slower and to a higher standard. Just as you do.

  4. These are wonderful miniatures with really great painting well done

  5. Superb work, Juan. As usual! :)

  6. These are just great lovely models as well


  7. Beautiful Juan, really like your style and colours as always


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