Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From KevH: 20mm Saracen Infantry (65 points)

From Kev: 
I managed to get another Saracen unit finished. This time it's a Light infantry Egytian mob. Sixteen 1/72 Hat figures. I converted standard bearer with suitable flag.
They are actually Almoravids, but really do have the Saracen look to them. These lightly armed troops, wearing few clothes, really did seem to fit the part as a non regular unit.

They are pretty poor troops in the game, so I guess this will be the only unit I will do.
Ghazi fanatics next. I want these to look very nasty indeed.

Lovely work Kev. I really like the high-contrast style you've used for this project. The colours are incredibly punchy, which works brilliantly in this scale.

These Saracens will give Kev 65 points.


  1. Very nice. The shields are excellent!

  2. Lovely work and to get that much contrast at that scale is quite an achievement.

  3. I do like your painting style. Very bold and will look awesome en mass on the table.

  4. They do look great; the colors are vibrant, yet not overly done. Best, Dean

  5. Lovely stuff Kev. You've got a very strong style and it suits these to a tee.


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