Friday, December 20, 2013

From TamsinP: 15mm Seleucid Cavalry (48 Points)

I was getting a little concerned that we had lost Tamsin amongst the rampaging herd of painters crashing out of the starting gate but here she is with her debut entry for the 4th Challenge.

From Tamsin:
Slightly delayed due to a nasty gut bug, here is my opening entry for this year's Challenge. These are twelve 15mm Seleucid xystophoroi cavalry from Donnington Miniatures.

I'm not currently planning to build a Seleucid army of my own, but my doubles partner didn't have enough elephants or cavalry for the army we are planning on taking to a tournament in January, so I volunteered to buy and paint up the missing units.

Unfortunately, I began work on the nellies before the Challenge started, so they don't count for points, but I have included them in one picture for their sheer glamour...

That's a fabulous unit of cavalry, Tamsin and I agree, the nellies do add that bit of something (well, a lot of something if you're the poor bloody infantry walking behind them...).

These finely arrayed xystophoroi will give Tamsin 48 points. Well done and welcome back Mlle.P!


  1. Surely there would be more points just for spelling them!!!

    Great job Tamsin

  2. I would tend to agree, there must be a triple-word score in there somewhere... :)

  3. Well done Tamsin. Always good to see your work on ancients. I look forward to seeing what else you produce.

  4. Good looking unit! The nellies are very nice.

  5. Nice Tamsin, come on over, keeping your space warm for you, I bet you will be up ahead this time next week


  6. I like us being described as a 'rampaging herd of painters'.

    Nice horse-y men Tamsin!

  7. Cheers guys! Glad you like them.

    Ian - just letting you get ahead so that I have a target to chase and then overtake at turbo-speed towards the end :)

    Curt and Dave - I'll let you get out the scrabble board and see how many points you can get from them ;)

  8. Lovely job Tamsin!
    Clearly the dreaded urgy did not affect your painting skills :-)

  9. Good to see these finished in all their glory. Nice work Tamsin.


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