Friday, December 20, 2013

From LeeH: 40mm Rogue Trooper (7 points)

From 'Dave the Wizard from Bromley' back to the pages of 2000AD, Lee brings us the grim blu-skinned Rogue Trooper!

From Lee:
I bought this excellent figure of Rogue Trooper from Foundry a few weeks ago along with the Judge Dredd model I have already entered into the Challenge. As with Dredd it stands 32mm foot to eye and 36mm overall so its quite a large model. The casting was excellent with virtually no mould lines or flash needing to be removed and all the details were crisp and finely sculpted, all of which made it a joy to paint. 

I have tried to stick to the colour scheme from the original comics but as with most of these characters some of the colours changed over time and with different illustrators. I have gone with a slightly darker interpretation of the blue skinned genetic warrior. 
This was a fun model to paint and will join Dredd in my modest (ie far too small) display cabinet. So all that remains is for Rogue to scour Nu-Earth for the Traitor General and avenge the Quartz Zone Massacre! 

Awesome entry Lee! As a teenager I spent many a toxin-fueled evening reading 2000AD and thoroughly enjoying the adventures of Rogue and his biochipped equipment: Helm, Bagman and Gunnar. From these photos Rogue's skin tone looks quite vibrant, which seems a good fit for this scale. Nice!

Rogue will give Lee 7 points - well done!


  1. Very nice Lee. An excellent addition.

  2. So you are getting the hang of this challenge then! Nicely done Lee

  3. Yep this is a nice looking figure


  4. Very nice painting work. These figures are really good.

  5. Very nice painting. But to me it looks like he should have blue legs as I think he's wearing a rather, well... let's say close fitting shorts.

  6. Great to see your 2000AD frenzy continuing!
    Hammerstein next perhaps?

  7. Great work again Lee real joy to see
    Peace James

  8. Wow!! This will inspire me toward some other sci-fi stuff for sur

  9. What an odd looking/colored chap, but it works!


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