Friday, December 20, 2013

From DaveD: The Wu Family from Serenity (40 points)

Dave adds to the local colour of 'Serenity' with the Wu Family.

From Dave: 
The brushes are flying!
"Serenity" already has Mr Wu (Blue Moon Tombstone set) and his pig pens - you have not watched Deadwood you need to! . I wanted to add to him and make a a little area of chinatown - the laundry will be along shortly-  so here we have the addition of the "Wu" family ,8 figures.

These are 28mm Obelisk Miniatures from the various merchant sets - there may well be some slightly less innocent ones along later. 
Really nice figures to paint,and generic enough that I should be able to slip them into some Pulp games that may be along next year. I have myself a pre Xmas target to meet and I am pleased with progress so far - it's been great to be back painting.

As I mentioned to Dave, Mr. Wu, in the 'Deadwood' series, only had a few words of english, but they were very memorable words, if not particularly polite.

Beautiful work Dave! An innocent business, eh? Hmm. I wonder if Serenity's hogs are as well-fed as Deadwood's...

The Wu family will provide Dave with 40 points. Great work Mr. Docherty.


  1. Very nice, your wu'ing us for sure


  2. Nice choice of subject! Stands out from the rest (even without the great paintjob and scenery)

  3. No can do pardner... There is a small mountain to tackle!

  4. Replies
    1. Hmmm, just spotted that you are almost 25% of the way to your target in under a week - I think you'd better revise it upwards just a tad :)

    2. Yeah, maybe , my December target is 200 ish, as in January I have some serious work to do for exams so painting will have to wait.

  5. Great painting on some very nice figures.

  6. Should have been the Wangs...then you could have Wang-Chunged tonight!

  7. These are great!

    Makes me want to watch more deadwood though.

  8. Fantastic - and he even got the pig pen in there :-)

  9. That is awesome!

    When I first read the title I thought; "No, you got that mixed up Wu was in Deadwood not Firefly... wait... which was the TV series?"

  10. more great work Dave your attention to detail in you town is truly inspiring
    Peace James

  11. What a great character he was, and you've painted him and his gang off to a T, Nice one Dave!


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