Friday, December 20, 2013

From ByronM: 15mm WWII German 88 Anti-tank Guns & Prime Movers (45 points)

Byron cracks on, but changes subject, with this excellent battery of German 88's.

From Byron:
Seeing all Greg’s 15mm stuff lately, has reminded me that I have a TONNE of Flames of War Germans left unpainted from my foray into the game back when it first came out.
One piece that I always meant to paint up was the 8.8cm Flak platoon.  However, due to their cost in game, I never got them any further than assembly, as I never used them.  I dug them out and primed them the other day so that I would have some 15mm stuff to contribute to Gregs 15mm games that he is running lately.  
They are not my best work as they are done to match the rest of the Germans I did 10 years ago, I could likely do better, but then they would stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the army.  I might have to go back someday and clean up the whole army, but at this point in time they are more just to have them done.  I am using this “event” as a way to clean up so many Gamer ADD induced unfinished projects.  Hope you don’t mind if my submissions are a little eclectic over the course of the event.  The main focus will be my Great War force, but there will be some odd ball entries as well.
The Platoon consists of a Command SMG team, a KFZ 15 field car, 2 8.8cm Flak36 guns with crew and sd KFZ 7 8tonne half-tracks.  I still have the transport carriages “someplace” along with the guns to mount on them to show them as limbered for transport.  Not sure they are still call limbered when being transported of if that is just for older horse drawn artillery, so continues my historical weapon “edjumacation" I guess.  When I finally find the transport carriages / guns I will get them painted up and post them as well.

Beautiful work Byron. There are few things more 'eyelid-closing' for your opponent than revealing an '88' from an ambush position (much less two of them).

These two guns, their crew and their attendant vehicles will give Byron 45 points. Well done!


  1. Very menacing. I am also putting forward some eclectic semi stalled projects. It is nice to know I am not alone in this. Excellent work.

  2. Nice work and I like the weathering.


  3. These are great, good old 88's


  4. It is a great painting work. Very nice colours.

  5. Good looking stuff. Bases for the 88s look great!

  6. Hooray for gamer ADD. I mean, boo gamer ADD. Nice work, and I think the challenge is the perfect time to finish off those random purchases.

  7. I really want an 88 battery just like this for my Battlegroup Kursk force.
    If it comes out half as good as this I will be delighted!

  8. Love this Byron. Will fit in nicely on the table....

  9. Impressive work - they remind me of my old Tamiya days!


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