Friday, December 20, 2013

From BurkhardS: 28mm WWII Soviet Snipers (8 points)

Burkhard debuts with this pair of snipers to provide support for his WWII Soviet collection.

From Burkhard:
These are just two Soviet snipers from Victory Force Miniatures. While I have almost 300 WWII Russians painted up, I only have one scout sniper and always wanted some regular snipers. 
Now when I painted those other Soviets up a few years ago, I forgot the subject and their uniforms were extremely boring, so they simply received the base colors with a homemade brown wash. To make sure these two match, I went he same way. So essentially a very poor paint job, but a fast one, since these were done while I was waiting for the filler on the first fortnight theme to dry. But I promise my other entries for the challenge will look better!

They look great Burkhard, though the prone fellow has been sculpted with a face only his baba would love. ;)

I will follow my standard practice and give half points for the prone fellow (rounded up) so 8 points total for these lads. Welcome back to the Challenge Burkhard!


  1. It looks as though Burkhard has got Ian and me in his sights! Nice work mate :)

  2. Welcome to the club, I like these


  3. Thank you all!

    @Tamsin: I hold no illusions, that you both will probably beat me by a mile, but this is about the race and not the finish.

    @Curt: Half points for prone minis? Boy I have way too many prone PIATS, Band mortars on my painting desk! :-0

  4. Good job. Looking forward to see some more stuff from you.

  5. Urra Stalino! Just the guys to help defend the Motherland
    Nice work :-D

    Note to self- prone figs = half points.
    A few of my LMGs, PIATs etc will fall into this category

  6. nice start to your challenge look forward to seeing more from you
    Peace James

  7. Thanks again guys!

    Forgot to say so in my original comment… I usually love the VFM minis, but I agree, that face is bone ugly. Maybe he had some plastic surgery after a counter sniper hit! ;-)

    And in my original post Band was meant to read Bren (bleeping autocorrect)!

  8. Always nice to see VFM figs by Burkhard!


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