Thursday, December 19, 2013

From SamuliS: 28mm Norse Gael Warband (69 points)

Samuli, our man in Finland (I love saying that), starts his Challenge with these great Norse Gaels for use with SAGA.

From Samuli:
While my plot to gain the first place with a fortnight challenge entry somewhat failed due to all of them being published at the same time I had to paint some replacements fast. So as my first published entry I present you the beginnings of a Norse Gael Warband for Saga. We have here a Warlord with his retinue of 4 Ostmen (Hearthguard) and 8 Bonnachts (Warriors) armed with Dane Axes.

Gripping Beast minis from the Norse Gael starter warband. I've gotta say I love the detail and quality on them. Miles away from the Wargames Factory stuff I've previously used for Saga. Although I must say it's a bit weird that most of them are modeled barefoot. Either Gallic Vikings are exceptionally poor or exceptionally tough, or both.

I started them by doing a 3-color base with black from underneath, grey from a 45 degree angle and white straight from top. Speeds up the process quite a bit as I already have shades in place and can see quite clearly where highlights would naturally go. Painting itself was a fairly simple process with Vallejo Paints with GW and Army Painter Inks followed by a few layers of highlights. Basing with Army Painter tufts and some assorted flock.

I was initially planning to use decals for the shields, but as mine are still somewhere in transport I resorted to painting some quick shields freehand as I was hungry for points. I guess I'll update the guys when I get my decal pack from Battleflag.

Next will be a short painting break as I visit with relatives during Christmas. Plenty of time to decide what to paint next. Chimera for Fantasy Battle, Winter War Finns in 28mm or Flames of War US Paras.

Wonderful work Samuli! All these barefoot Norse loons swinging huge freakin' axes makes a pretty sobering sight. 

This nascent warband will give Samuli a base of 65 points but I'm adding a 4 more for his hand-painted shields. Great stuff Samuli and welcome back to the Challenge!


  1. The axes are pretty fearsome looking and hand painting the shields-excellent job!

  2. Great looking figures!!! Nice basing too!

  3. Great work GB metals are OK but I think there plastics are better.
    Peace James

  4. Great job the figures look great

  5. Great stuff indeed! Hand painted shields are the only way to go...anything else is cheating :-D

  6. I can only echo what the rest have said. A great set of figures very well based and painted.

  7. Excellent fearsome band of ruffians.

  8. Great work and great pics .
    Greetings and Happy Christmas .

  9. Thanks for the comments!

    James: Yeah their plastics are brilliant too. The best for the era in my opinion. Will be buying those when I've cleared my embarrassingly long painting queue at least a bit. But still the same basic limitation as all plastics that there are only so many body variations etc. Of course some cutting and greenstuff help a lot, but still

  10. Lovely painting and fine basing - really great work!

  11. Excellent, looking troops...strong and fierce!

  12. Well done on these fearsome warriors!


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