Thursday, December 19, 2013

A New Prize Sponsor: Fife & Drum Miniatures

Yesterday I was contacted by 'Der Alte Fritz', owner of Fife & Drum Miniatures who, completely out of the blue, has very kindly offered prize support for the Painting Challenge. For those who may not be familiar with the range, 'Fife & Drum Miniatures', whose 30mm figures focus on the American War of Independence, was awarded 'Best Historical Miniatures Range of 2011' by the Miniatures Page. Fife & Drum also carries the wonderful Minden Miniatures range which focuses on the armies of the Seven Years War. Both ranges are sculpted by the ridiculously talented Richard Ansell.

So again, a huge thanks to 'Der Alte Fritz' for his generous support of the Painting Challenge. Huzzah!!

In a few days I'll post more details on the various prizes in order to whet your appetite and spur you all to more heroic bouts of painting madness!


  1. The Challenge is certainly attracting some much deserved attention.

  2. Oh that's very interesting! I've been curious about this miniature range for quite some time.


  3. Very good news. Thanks for the support.

  4. How lovely of them to do this without being asked to. Curt, you're fame is growing!!

  5. Very generous, and a fine gesture. Thanks indeed to these fine Gentlemen!

  6. A great news. I like a lot this range of figures (in fact, I´m awaiting my AWI cavalry).


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