Thursday, December 19, 2013

From LeeH: Dave the Wizard from Bromley (5 points)

Lee sends us this rather minimalist wizard figure that he's painted for an upcoming Christmas RPG game (?!)

From Lee:
This wizard model isn't exactly overburdened with sculpted detail, but was exactly what I need for a quick RPG game I'm putting together for the kids over Christmas (no Charades or Trivial Pursuits in our house, No sir! Its D&D or nothin' as far as I'm concerned). 
The game calls for a shadowy wizard that appears to float across a lake of I think this model fits the bill! Its a 28mm white metal figure from Games Workshop and its been lurking in my Lead Mountain for years, just waiting for its big moment. 
This was understandably a quick model to paint. Black basecoat, several dryrushes of successively lighter blue for highlights and a dark ink wash to add a little depth to the shadows. Oh and a blood red base with a red ink for added redness! 
Oh and its called Dave the Wizard because when I was describing the model to my daughter (who wasn't listening properly of course) she thought that's what I called it, and the name stuck. So instead of being menaced in the game by the Evil Wizard Xa-zlekial of Harkania they will be mildly imperilled by Dave the Wizard from Bromley. 

Well, nothing says Christmas in the Hadley home like a well decorated tree, sweet pudding fresh from the oven and an evil wizard floating across a lake of blood... And I thought we were weird for having cheese and chocolate fondue on Christmas eve!

Dave the Wizard from Bromley will give Lee 5 points! Have a great game with him Lee!


  1. Scary..

    At least I am not from Bromley

    1. But I'm sure you can be seen floating across lakes of blood on your off days...

    2. Oh's one of my hidden attributes

  2. I really wouldn't live near Bromley

  3. Very nice Lee and it's grand to hear you're organizing a game with your children. Pass the hobby on!!

  4. Great looking figure and well painted too
    Peace James

  5. For some odd reason, I like him! He must be an Algonquin with scores of knives hidden beneath that black robe! ;)

  6. Bromley's quite posh! Well it is if you come from Gravesend anyway?????

  7. I like the finish, but Dave? Really? ;-)



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