Thursday, December 19, 2013

From AlanD: 28mm Western Outlaws (50 points)

Alan puts his stamp on the points roster with this excellent entry of Wild West outlaws.

From Alan:
Here is my first entry, and riposte to Paul's lovely steampunk Royal Marines.

I've enjoyed playing Dead Man's Hand recently, and building a town (provisionally called Hurricane), so one goal for the challenge is to populate it! A couple of nights ago I even managed to convince my cool 15 year old daughter to have a game of Dead Man's Hand, and she loved it, so there's an extra incentive to get some painted figures on the boardwalks and dusty street of Hurricane. This bunch of shady characters are all 28mm, most from the set of Outlaws put out by Great Escape Games for Dead Man's Hand, and some extras from Wargames Foundry.

My favourite figure is the bloke with a six gun in each hand. For some reason whenever I look at him I think of Michael Gabon in Open Range saying in his Irish accent 'you won't think it's so foony when yer all shot ta hell an' doiin.' There are a couple of other figures obviously inspired by movies, Tombstone and 3:10 to Yuma amongst them.

Yeeee hah!
Wow, wonderful stuff Alan! I really like the judicious use of colour for their waistcoats and jackets - very nice. And that terrain is brilliant - this lasercut stuff has really revolutionized this genre in the hobby.

So these 10 rascals will give Alan 50 points. Well done and welcome to the madness!


  1. Nice looking group of gunslingers and that town looks great!


  2. I love the smell of lasercut MDF in the morning...

    1. Oh, and lovely work Alan, I really like these.

  3. Great work plenty of Cowboys this year
    Peace James

  4. Cracking, more cowboys , right up my street.

  5. Great job Sir Dux - its neck and neck in our side challenge!

  6. Well done!
    plenty of Cowboys, gunslingers, miners and other guys we saw in the western movies, fortunately we have living man's hand for painting ;-)

    All the best.

    GillesW "thefrenchjester "

  7. Great work, Alan. These are lovely figures.

  8. Outstanding Alan, really like these.

  9. Well worth the points, I can see me using these as influence to paint up


  10. Absolutely brilliant! They really look the part.


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