Sunday, January 27, 2013

From ScottS: 10mm Roman Allied Archers (12 points)

From Scott:
Here are three bases of Roman allied archers for my Punic Wars project.  Again, nice 10mm Pendraken figures that could use more than one sculpt.  

I'm gradually trying to build up momentum before I tackle the heavy infantry.  Maybe some more cavalry before I start on the Hastatii.

Cool! I really like 10mm as a scale and these look great. Scott, how big will your heavy infantry units be? (I suppose we'll find out soon enough...)

These archers will give Scott 12 points. Good job!


  1. Shame about the single pose, I nearly went 10mm for ECW but the detail is so close to 15mm level I felt I would take almost as long as on 15mm


  2. nice work, I have 10mm Sudan stuff the detail is good but as you say not many poses

  3. Lack of poses is my main gripe with Pendraken 10mm. The WWII stuff is better, but all the anges could so with a few more poses I think.

  4. Nice painting Scott, with their irregular basing I don't think it notices much that they're all the same pose.


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