Sunday, January 27, 2013

From ChrisP: 15mm WWII Australians (90 points)

From Chris:

First up, is a platoon of Australian Divisional Cavalry in Vickers Light Tanks. Equipped with a 0.5" MG, the Vickers served as a light recon tank in the desert (despite what some armoured commanders tried to do with it!). The Australian Divisional Cav were equipped with them, usually as hand me downs from the British, or from salvage or "semi-legal acquisition". Simple desert camo scheme, nothing too fancy.
Next is a Staff Team and an observer team. Not the most dramatic thing in the world, but if you don't have them, your artillery batteries are  going to have some problems firing! Most frustrating with the infantry is matching it to previously painted miniatures. I don't totally hate how I have painted the auzzies (like I did my US), but it seems a bit silly sometimes to force myself to do average work. But the anal-retentive part of me says DO IT EXACTLY LIKE YOU DID THE OTHERS OR IT WILL BOTHER YOU MORE. And since it was shouting, I listened to that.
Lastly is an Anti-Tank Platoon. This is made up of a command team, 4 2pdr guns and one 25pdr gun! The Auzzies (like all allied nations in 1940-1) found that the 2pdr, although cute wasn't really destroying the Panzers, other than at close range. Which although exciting, has a significant chance of machine gunning. So the Australians detached 25pdr guns to their anti-tank platoons, to give them some far more serious anti-tank firepower. I chose to not put the 25pdr on a turntable, rather deciding that it probably had been "borrowed" from somewhere, and the turntable was a bit too heavy to bother with!

Next up is something I am really happy with....
You did a great job replicating average paintjobs Chris! Urm, that came out wrong. Seriously, these look very good. I particularly like the weathered desert yellow on both the armour and the guns. 

These Australians will give Chris 90 points, further closing the gap with James...


  1. I like these a lot, the work on the tanks is great as you make the simple desert camo into an interesting finish


  2. Sme very tough looking Diggers there. Nice work with a limited palette.


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