Sunday, January 27, 2013

From IanW: 6mm War of the Spanish Succession (126 points)

From Ian:
After the test regiment I submitted a few ago I got the nod to continue so here are the next seven 48 figure regiments for the War of Spanish Succession, these being Bandeveille, La Reine, Aunis, Gardes Frances, Chabrilliont, Brer and Royal La Marine. All but Gardes Frances are white or grey uniformed though I still have two more regiments to do that are either red or blue coated. Then it's onto the Dragoons, Horse and Artillery. Then that's army number one in the bag. I also have a Zulu army and some 15mm ECW regiments to do, some of which may interrupt the cavalry. Before that  though I plan to do some of my own figures.

Matt will base up and flag these boys, once the lot is done I plan to grab a group photo for the blog. These are typically Baccus 6mm and a total of 336 figures (each regiment being a whopping 48 figures). The six grey and white have just been done in a single batch, prior to that I did the blue regiment on it's own, Started to get a bit the same towards the end   :-)

Last Photo is all eight regiments together, all now need taking over to Matt.
Excellent work Ian! That is a very impressive amount of painting - bravo! At 48 figures per unit they will look very substantial when all are based up.

These seven battalions will give Ian 126 points and popping him back into the top four in the points standing.


  1. Well done - some amount of painting

  2. Wow, nice. I thought the 10mm stuff was small!

  3. I am about to start WSS in 6mm as well so it's really great to see what can be achieved.

  4. Good Lord, hats off to you Ian, great dedication!

  5. Thanks guys, got to admit I was happy to get this batch done. Doing some other stuff to break up the work


  6. Excellent work Ian, they look great !

  7. Wow - they look good in the photos - I'd love to see them in person - the only 6mm I've seen up close were the desk crews/marines for naval games (Eric Hotz' fine Roman Seas stuff). And those were very impressive for the size/scale. Best, Dean

  8. they look fantastic, what a great effect from the mass infantry
    Peace James


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