Sunday, January 27, 2013

From IannickM: Ronin #15 (20 points)

From Iannick:
A small entry for the challenge. 
Here is the Ronin #15 for your collection. This is an old figure from 'Clan War', and clearly has an heroic look to him, what with that huge Naginata. I figure you will use him as a champion or such. This guy has been sitting in a box for over 10 years so I'm glad to know he's going to a loving family. I like the figure a lot, hope Curt will as well. 
The colour scheme is not based on anything historical, but rather loosely based on the colours of the Crane clan (for those familiar with Legend of the five Rings), by far my favourite clan when I used to play a lot of the CCG and the RPG back in the days. Plus, pale blue is my favourite colour and I wanted to give him a personnal touch. This was my first samurai and I quite enjoyed painting him, they are a nice challenge, however I don't think I could paint an army of these guys! So I see what you did there, Curt... ;-)
That is beautiful work Iannick, thank you so much! Even though these were originally sculpted for a fantasy system they are still some of the best samurai figures out there AND you've done a cracking job on this one. (Though you've uncovered my fiendishly clever Huckleberry Finn strategy of collecting and painting samurai figures...)

Ronin #15 will give Iannick 20 points to add to his tally.


  1. That's a damn nice figure! Nice one Iannick!

  2. And so full of character as well. Very well brought out by your brush


  3. wow great figure with a paint job to match
    Peace James

  4. You raise it high, Iannick... You raise it high...

  5. Beautifully done. A real work of art. The vibrancy of those blues is ... Wow.


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