Saturday, January 26, 2013

From TamsinP: 15mm Thirty Years War Cavalry (144 points)

From Tamsin:
Here, for my 6th entry, are some 30YW "Horse" suitable for use as Swedish cavalry. Figures are 15mm from Donnington.

I originally started doing them in buff coats, then whilst checking something else discovered that the Swedish troopers tended not to wear them. Oh well, easily corrected and different colour jackets will make it easier to distinguish them on the table.

In FoG:R these will be "determined horse", which whilst making them expensive, they do get 2 dice per front rank base in close combat.
Lovely work Tamsin. Brigaded together they make quite an impressive sight and, I say, very 'determined'! I also like the muted colours you chose for their coats. 

These thirty six cavalrymen will give Tamsin 144 points which will allow her to bridge the gap and close in on Fran. Excellent stuff.


  1. Those look great; especially all ranked up together. Best, Dean

  2. excellent entry Tamsin, very impressive

  3. I really like the way you do your horses and as Curt said the muted colours look great on the coats.


  4. Looking good - i do like massed cavalry

  5. just one word Tamsin: excellent!

  6. Fantastic, Tamsin. A really impressive brigade.


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