Monday, January 21, 2013

From JaccoK: 28mm Mexican-American War Cavalry & ACW Union Mortars and Command (175 points)

The last holdout of the Dutch Waterbicycle Detachement sends in his first submission and a cracker it is.

From Jacco:
First are figures that are part of a larger unit I painted near the end of December for our US - Mexican game.
To bad I started the other 4 to soon. Figures are from Boot Hill and are an absolute delight to paint.

My second submission is a Union mortar battery with command
The mortars are from a small company called T A Miniatures. The figures are from Redoubt, I had the same problems as Rob with these figures.
This flag, and as a matter of fact all my flags for ACW are from the Flag Dude (Rick O’Brien), excellent stuff.
The 13” Union Seacoast Mortar saw action in many different theaters in the ACW. This Mortar was also very popular with Grant. He used them at Vicksburg.

The 13” mortar had a maximum range of 4,300 yards and where more accurate than their smaller counterparts.
Wow, brilliant stuff Jacco. All of these figures are great but those mortar vignettes are tremendous.  Beautiful work.

This submission will give Jacco a base of 150 points but I'm adding another 25 for the artillery vignettes and overall composition of the bases. Well done Jacco and welcome aboard!


  1. some great work. Love the dudes pushing stuff down the barrels (not a job I would have wanted)
    Peace James

  2. Superbly painted and based figures - all looking great. BTW, I've been seeing these oval cav bases recently. A new trend? Best, Dean

  3. Very impressive work, not heard of TA Miniatures, I'm off to check them out! Nice one Jacco!!

  4. Lovely looking minis !

    The big guns are splended !

    best regards Michael

  5. Nice work - i will be checking out the boot hill stuff - i want some!!

  6. Love the mortars, great work there


  7. Lovely!

    Got the same mortars (still unpainted for almost a decade now) from the days when Redoubt sold them direct.

  8. You guys do a lot of effort to make sure you can withstand the ferocious charges of my Rebels. First the Irish Bride, now this. Great one Jake, look forward to trash these beauties

  9. Wonderful stuff. The riders look like they belong in a spaghetti western movie, I can hear Sergio Leone as I look at them. The mortars are the business. Not sure what the problem with Redoubt figs are, though, I am very partial to 'em.
    Lovely work.


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