Monday, January 21, 2013

From TimG: 1/72 scale Portuguese (!?) Mk IVF Blenheim (15 points)

From Tim:

This is part of a batch of very knocked about 1/72 models that I am tidying up for possible game use.  Or to help with the gathering of dust.
Having mended this monstrosity as far as I could - it now has paint and markings. The limiting factor in terms of the choice of nationality was the fact that the kit had been built as a Mk.IVF. This ruled out jollies like Finnish and Romanian. Yugoslav and French (the original kit included Free French markings) were also out. More internet research offered a solution.

Apparently a couple of Fs were interned by Portugal - and I just happened to have a set of Portuguese markings (from an incomplete Spitfire kit) in the decal box.
Last pic:  The underside - showing the 4-gun pack. Sadly it also reveals the mangled undercarriage and missing exhausts....

Good to see old models getting refurbished for future action (this one probably scheduled for Angola or Mozambique?). 

This Blenheim will give Tim 15 points.


  1. Tim , i really am appreciating the aircraft at the moment , well done, nice take on different marking

  2. Not sure I've seen a Portuguese aircraft before???

  3. That's a first for me as well, thanks for entering it



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